Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : May 12, 2019

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Continuing from last week on the series The Big 4; today "The Power of Faith".

From 1John 5:4,
The world in this context refers to the challenges anyone is facing in this world. The Bible said if we are born of God, we can overcome any challenge.

And the equipment we need to overcome any challenge in this world is our "faith".

Any challenge we are facing is in this world and the Bible said as believers, we can overcome the challenge.

Faith is a spiritual force not a physical or mental force. Some people have determination (which is important), but it is not faith.

There's is natural faith, but this is different from spiritual faith. We use natural faith every day but spiritual faith is only accessible to born again Christians.

Hebrews 11:1-3.
Through faith, our spiritual elders changed their lives and got good reports.

With faith, you can rewrite your story and overcome your challenges.

What are you facing, joblessness, barrenness, faith can help you rewrite your story and get your testimony. Faith alters your life.

The economy was also tough during certain seasons in the old testament. Abraham faced farming, Isaac also faced famine, Isaac wanted a relocation but God asked him to stay in the land.

The greatest legacy any parent can leave for his child is a legacy of faith.

God blessed Isaac because of the covenant He had with Abraham, his Father.

Faith comes by the word of God it comes because you are choosing to believe God, despite the circumstances. I may be experiencing challenges physically, but God's word is prophesying a good ending. Therefore, choose to believe God.

Faith means being bold enough to believe God that He will do whatever He said He will do, despite any circumstances.

People sin as a result of lack of faith. When you don't have faith that God will change your life, you will seek self-help, which may not have a good ending. When you don't have faith, it will be difficult to please God.

How God rewards is not our business. If you are the type of Christian that never studies the Word, you cannot have spiritual faith.

Hold on to the promises of God, He can deliver on any promise. Just believing God can change your life. 
Luke 1:45
Your believing provokes God's performance. Close your eyes to the world and open your heart to God.

Many people are going through challenges but spending time until you hear God can help overcome that challenge.
With God, there's nothing you cannot achieve.

You cannot have faith in God without knowing God. Faith is built out of a real relationship with God. You have to commune with God, you have to fellowship with God. You cannot apply God's principles without knowing Him -The Principal.

You are an active player in the game of life, you cannot be watching other people play.

Faith is expressed in two ways: your actions and your words. 
Hebrews 11:6
Those that come to God must believe He is real.

Faith is not a gimmick nor a magic wand; it born out of a relationship with God and His word. Get into the scriptures that anytime you speak, what comes out is the word of God.

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