The God Of Miracle

Speaker : Min Supo Arogundade

Date : Dec 22, 2019

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Min. Supo bringing us God's word this morning tagged; The God of miracles.

A miracle is an event you can not ascribe to human effort or nature
(Luke 1:34-35)

In Hebrew, miracle is something that elevates you; causing you to change levels.
Psalm 113:7

Mark 5: 26 - 28

when it comes to miracles, selfishness is allowed; this race is an individual race! A miracle is personal.

We need a miracle because we are not perfect, and do not qualify.

Looking at our dreams (our desired future) and our reality the margins are wide apart; so we need a miracle! God's intervention.

God can only help those who desire His help. God resists the proud.
James 4:6

It is good to enjoy the good of your labor but it is best to enjoy the fruit of God’s favor.

The best time for your miracle is NOW

How do you get your miracle?
You get your miracle by FAITH. Faith is irresistible to God.
Matt 15:26-28

Two things you must do in faith to receive your miracle :
1) Giving
2) Praise

2 Chronicle 20: 13-15

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