WORD FEAST (Day 2) - Island

Speaker : Pastor Ayo Ajani

Date : Mar 17, 2021

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There will never be anything on earth that is more anointed than the word of God. - Pastor Ayo Ajani.
The measure of a beliEver's maturity is how well you can use God's word. Christianity is about you learning to use God's word in your life. - Pastor Ayo Ajani.
The only thing that is offensive in the armour of God is His word. It is the sword of the spirit. - Pastor Ayo Ajani.
Prayer is never the starting point. The starting point is the word of God abiding in you. - Pastor Ayo Ajani.
You don't schedule the word of God around your life. You should schedule your life around the word of God. - Pastor Ayo Ajani.
Anything you don't get by the word of God doesn't have a foundation. - Pastor Ayo Ajani.
Nobody was born with taste, you acquire taste through what you eat. When you continually eat God's word, you will develop taste for it. - Pastor Ayo Ajani.
You don't hold God by how much you cry but by what He said in His word. - Pastor Ayo Ajani.

7 Characteristics of the Word of God (John 1:1-4).

1. The word is pre-eminent.
2. The word gives instruction. There's no revelation outside the word of God.
3. The word has integrity. You can take the word of God to the bank.
4. The word is sufficient.
5. The word is creative.
6. The word is living and active.
7. The word gives light and illumination.

Tonight was fire!
See you at the grand finale tomorrow!

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