WORD FEAST (Day 3) - Island

Speaker : Pastor Lanre Onasanya

Date : Mar 18, 2021

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The Armor Of God

The believer has an armour. Whatever you face, walk in the armour of God. - Pastor Lanre Onasanya.

God authors the process but you incubate in through meditation on the word. - Pastor Lanre Onasanya.

David never lost a battle because he never stepped out without a word from the Lord. - Pastor Lanre Onasanya.

Knowledge of the word of God supersedes prayer. The more you know, the better you go. - Pastor Lanre Onasanya.

When you wear the armour of God, you appear before situations looking like God. - Pastor Lanre Onasanya.

Your first response should be peace. In a peaceful state, you hear God clearly. The next response should be joy. - Pastor Lanre Onasanya.

Continue to abide with the Word as we hope to see you tomorrow!
Remain blessed!

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