WORD FEAST (Day 3) - Mainland (The Word And You)

Speaker : Pastor Ayo Ajani

Date : Mar 17, 2021

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Pastor Ayo Ajani bringing us God’s Word tonight.

Hebrew 5:11-12

The Word of God yield different results for different people.

The result of the Word in Your life is determined by the state of your heart.

Hebrew 5:13
The maturity of a Christian is not only determined by how much Word he/ she knows but it is largely determined by how his/ her uses the word to achieve personal victories.

How well do you use the word in your life?

By using the Word you sharpen your skill with God’s Word.

Skill means know how. That is, no anxiety , no fear and the ability to reproduce.

The word of God gives us ability.

To grow and make progress in life, you must use the Word ( Your faith).

No one who stayed with the Word and ever failed

1 john 2:12-14, 1 john 5:18, Proverbs 24:10
Any prayer that is not based on the Word is a compliant. Every prayer must start with the Word.

Maturity in God is measured by the fruit you produce.

John 1:1-4

The word is preeminent: The word of God always comes first.

Legitimacy does not take the place of priority.

You can’t take from a man what he got from the Word.

Let the Word be your employer. You should study the Word whether or not you are in the mood.

To acquire a taste for the Word, you must be discipline with the Word.

John 1:4
The Word gives prophetic vision. Everyday / event in Your life is outlined in The Word.

The Word of God opens your eyes, it illuminates.

Sight is the most powerful thing on earth. If you see a thing, you have it.

Pray for prophetic insight into the Word.

James 1:22-25
God changes a man. If you can change, your world will change.

Look into the Word continuously and do the work ( see something in the Word and keep it regardless of what the world says) and you will be blessed.

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