WORD FEAST (Day 4) - Mainland (The Reality Of The Blessing)

Speaker : Pastor Lanre Onasanya

Date : Mar 18, 2021

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Pastor Lanre Onasanya bringing us God’s Word tonight.

1 Peter 1:23, 1 Peter 2:2
To be born again is to be born by the Word.
You conduct your affairs by the word.
The Word also nourishes you to grow.

You have authority over the devil by the Word.
If you don’t know The Word you , you have no idea the authority you carry.

If you don't know the word you will end up praying for things you should take authority over.

Jesus didn't pray over the storm, He spoke to the storm.

In trying to be humble we may mess up our rights and privileges.

What the devil fights is our knowledge to keep us in darkness.

Acts 20:32.

The word will build you up and give you an inheritance.

If you don't give attention to the word you won't know what's in your inheritance.

Abraham was great because God blessed him.
Gen 12:1-3

The blessing of God is invisible but it’s impact is tangible and visible

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob were all heavily blessed.

Abraham transferred the blessing to Isaac (Gen 26). Everytime Isaac searched for water he got water because of the blessing even in a dry season. In famine he harvested a hundred fold.

Galatians 3:16

Joseph was sold as a slave with nothing, no shirt on his back but everything he touched became a blessing.

Even in prison he was still blessed.

Joseph went into Egypt with nothing but the blessing and he became the prime minister.

Galatians 3:16

God kept blessing Abraham and his seed and not seeds. Everytime God blessed Abraham, Christ was present standing in the queue for us for the blessing.

Gal 3:16-18

The covenant God made with Abraham could not be cancelled 430 years later.

When God blessed Abraham there were no conditions attached, with Moses it was all about the law.

You can't keep a blessed man down.

Stop telling yourself oh God help me because God has worn you a blessing. Gal 3:14

Gal 3:27

The blessing of the Lord makes me rich, it adds no sorrow. The riches aren't just money. It is all round prosperity; health, career, marriage, academics.

God thought Abraham how to meditate, He told Abraham to look at the stars.

The law of imagination and focus. The more you look at something/ meditate on something you begin reproduce it.

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