Speaker : Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Date : Aug 11, 2019

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Life is controlled by the pursuit of happiness.
It's either you are chasing happiness or you are doing things that will remove unhappiness for your life.

Though chasing happiness is important, the way you go about it is more important.

Luke 12:18 - 20 (kjv)

Happiness can paint a lot of pictures to you that are not true.

Many things can promise you happiness but when you get it, the happiness will not last.
If you chase happiness the wrong way and end up being unhappy.

who or what is influencing your life? Everybody is influenced by something or someone.

You can be influenced by people around you or people ahead of you.

Note that we’re all pilgrims (just passing through). So asking a fellow man how to live is a gamble; he can only give you the guesswork. 
(1 Peter 2:11)

A creation trying to describe the creator can never be accurate; you need to ask the Creator (God).

You can be influenced by your own thoughts.

Another wrong way to go is by drawing from your own thoughts; truth is you’re too small to be the one directing you. 
As a pilgrim, the best way to go is by asking the owner of life.

The greatest and best influencer is God our creator.

If you really want to be happy, follow the way and instruction of God.

Your happiness can not depend on:

1. Other people: This is because you can't control their reactions. Jesus never lived for people because He understood people.

If you don't have a strong identity from God, people will make you become what you are not supposed to.

If you really want to be happy; follow the wisdom of God as can be found in scripture;

 It may not always happen the way you think because sometimes God might lead you to go in a certain way which may be unconventional but that is where your happiness will be found

Peer pressure doesn’t respect age; there are a lot of old people chasing the wrong things because of peer pressure. 
Your happiness can't be tied to another person. 

The person you're trying to impress for validation are not even happy with themselves.

If you want to be happy, start reading the bible and obeying it.

You must be able to differentiate what is popular from what is right.

Freedom doesn’t mean being able to do what you want, rather it means being able to do what is right.

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