Your Next Move With Pastor Kunle Soriyan (Island Centre)

Speaker : Pastor Kunle Soriyan

Date : Jun 19, 2019

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Core values are not descriptions of who you want or hope to be, they are who you are.
Mathew 9:14-17

When your pursuit of excellence limits your ability to take action, then you are simplify suffering from low self-esteem.

The day of conception is always noiseless.
Change when activated is never apparent.
 It is what is called the 'Noiseless effect.'

When you hold on to what God is not backing, it limits you.
The goal of association is for peace & progress.

The future is an arrangement by God to keep your hope alive.
Any time you arrive in the future, you are already in today.

Learn to architect your newness. You need to be able to spot change before it spots you.

How do you know something new is in view?
God installs his agenda into the devil's program, for his will to be unknowingly carried out.

You can't lose yourself in the temporal blessing so you can acquire the permanent.

Every time the devil moves, know that God has strategized the experience and designed it to give you a winning edge.
Pain is a messenger.

You were not designed to pursue your dream.
Instead you should position yourself for your dream.
Your dream is designed to find you, only if you are positioned right.
Genesis 1:26

Man never lost dominion.
He only lost ease of access.
Now that you are in Christ, that ease is restored.

A season of peace always precedes a wrong move.
Learn to make adjustments.
The point of adjustment restores comfort in instalments.
Wait for it.

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