Your Next Move With Pastor Kunle Soriyan (Mainland Centre)

Speaker : Pastor Kunle Soriyan

Date : Jun 19, 2019

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Don't be so loyal to a system where you forget that the system is going to change.
There is something called creative rebellion

You can't jump into a swimming pool and swim in your own terms
There's a protocol for swimming and you must master that protocol, else you perish in the pool

You can only respond to the arrival change. Change at its earliest arrival is noiseless

Changes are managed in dispensations and palliatives.
You need to understand the science of change

1Samuel 1:5
The concept of readiness is a myth, so at the time you're ready, you're late
A lot of times the pursuit of excellence and perfection, is a sign of low self esteem.

Every idea is a Window; your next move is waiting for you. Any unnecessary delay, excuse or excess planning you have is a weapon against yourself

Foolishness is not an insult, it's a state of existence that is carry with style.

Some people are so poor that all they have is money.

Content is superior to container; it must be intentionally gathered! A Container has a limited lifespan.

You must come to the place of strength where you are able to discern your next level and commit to it.

The word "today" is sensitive to geography. Your idea of timing is not universal.  There is no such thing as tomorrow.

Today was once a future; the future is is nothing but an idea. Today is all you'd ever have.

Begin to find loopholes in what is on ground; the concept of newness is the human definition of another type of experience. When old things happen to new people; they call it new.

Ecclesiastics 1:9
You can't create a tomorrow; Tomorrow creates today.
The past is successful collection of many "todays"

Don't worry about the negativity of your history.  Use today to create a new history.

In the excellence of a thing, there's a loophole which tomorrow's people must build the next level of that thing.

Everything on earth is in a partial state of existence and season of usefulness.

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