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I want to testify for the miracles of God in my life. On Friday, I was struck with a severe back pain, which disorganized my activities for the whole day. There was no symptom of such pain before that day but I held unto to the word of God in Acts 4:30. Lo and Behold God did visit me with His healing though I was unable to make Friday meeting; the last day of the fasting and prayer because of the pain but I connected in the spirit keeping in mind that God is not restricted to the walls of a place and got my healing. Now I do not have that pain any more.

Orodeji Adefemi

I want to thank God for a new job that comes with a company car. I am grateful to God for making me the brand ambassador for GT B ASSURE MANSARD, which means more money for me to sow. I also want to thank God for giving me recognition in my field of profession and also for healing.

Osagie Vivian Bamidele

I want to thank God for saving the life of my elder brother from the hands of Armed Robbers. On Sunday he was attacked and shot at but to God be the glory the bullets did not touch him. I also want to testify to the glory of God for granting me favour in the AFRINOLLY MTN short film competition. The man of God declared favour over my work, and then I went to submit my video. Amongst the videos submitted, mine was shortlisted as one of the top ten finalists in all of Africa.

Godwin Duru

On the 27th of December, I was travelling back to Lagos from Aba in a 16-seater bus. About 30mins into the journey, I got the unction to wear my seat-belt. A few minutes after I had worn my seat belt we had an accident and I was rushed to the hospital. When I got there, I discovered I could not walk so I was carried in a wheel chair into the Emergency Ward where I was put on a stretcher. At that, moment I kept speaking the word to my body. I thank God today that I can stand on my feet and I celebrated my birthday standing on my feet and not in a wheel chair or on a stretcher. I give God all the Glory.

Caroline Okome

I was trusting God to get a job. I kept believing and standing on the word of God that was given on the pulpit. Pastor Kingsley said we should keep sending applications and keep our phones on. I had done several interviews and went through several stages. I just want to thank God that in the space of one week, I got three offers, two from a multinational and auditing firm and the other from a brewery firm. I return all the glory to God.

Adedayo Oluwamayowa

I fasted during the week of Fasting and Prayer and trusted God for my testimony as the theme says I Shall Testify. I wrote the entry exam into UNILAG last year August and I was told my script would not be marked that morning because it was seized but I got a text in the morning informing me to pick up my Admission Letter.

Jessica Ekanem Aletor

Before the end of last year, I was trusting God for a job. I prayed that I would get a job in January, with a specific amount. From that time until January, I kept attending interviews. I had attended a few interviews and was hoping for a positive feedback. However, whenever I got a feedback I usually was not satisfied with the terms of employment. On one fateful service, PST K told us to prepare how we were going to share our testimonies. So on the week of the fast, Wednesday to be precise, I decided to practice that. So I went round my living room practising how I would share my testimony. Immediately I was done, I got two calls. Prior to this day, I had been invited for an interview at a particular company that I had resolved not to attend for any particular reason. The first I got was to confirm I had gotten a job; the other was from the company I had resolved to miss their interview. The asked me to reschedule and I did. In summary, I turned down the job I got because I did not like the terms. Nevertheless, when this other company gave me my offer letter, I had to ask to confirm if the pay was per annum because it was beyond my imagination. I am still in shock. PRAISE GOD.

Iyanu Mercy

I want to bless God for his faithfulness in my life. I had been trusting God for some things since last year and early this year PST K made a declaration about our dreams becoming a reality this year. I went home and wrote those things I wanted to become a reality by the first quarter of the year. By the next day God had answered two of them. He gave me a new job and produced the capital I needed to restart my business again all in one day. I bless God for His awesomeness.

Ibru Faith

My marriage was on the verge of crashing when I met PST. K. I started chatting with him on my BB. When I came to church, he was preaching and said “Every woman is adaptable, what you put in her is what you will get out and she is what you call her, and that what you don’t appreciate will depreciate in life.” Now I have learnt to respect my wife and appreciate her opinions and my marriage is getting better.

Segun Oshonoiki.

I want to testify of Gods goodness. As at the Saturday of TESTIFY, my husband ministered the song Arugbo Ojo. He then announced the shoot for his video the following Friday. As at the time he announced it, there was no fund available for it but by Sunday afternoon, my husband came home with two cheques. It was the exact amount of money we had budgeted which was running into hundreds of thousands of naira. Pastor K prophesied that he would be heard all over the world (Isa 59: 21). Right now Arugbo Ojo is being played and enjoyed in the UK & US. The word he gave us was that he would use the song to put His praises on the lips of His children. Halleluyah. Record labels are already calling to sign him. [PRAISE GOD]

Mrs Kenn-Ogeleka Ebele

On my way back from Ogun State, Immediately after Redemption Camp, armed robbers threw a metal in front of my car but I climbed it though it and severed two tyres on the drivers’ side. I just had the confidence that God had not given me the spirit of fear and that I operated under the victory covenant. Therefore, I stopped, and almost immediately, the police patrol stopped in front of me then waited for me to change my tyre, fixed the back one then escorted me all the way back to Lagos


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