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When God sends forth a Word, it is very important that you agree and align with it. God has released the Word for 2015, it is therefore your responsibility to concur and expect it to yield results in your life. God is not a bully; He will not impose His Will on people that are not willing. Isaiah 1:19 shows that only those that are willing will eat the good of the land. In other words, the good things happening this year will only be for those that run with the Word. This is how to seal the deal. Mary showed this in her response to the Angel that brought her glad tidings of the birth of our Saviour (see Luke 1:38). Note that a similar message was delivered to Zacharias earlier in the chapter. However, he doubted and was  made dumb until the manifestation of the miracle.

This year, endeavour to keep the Word always in your sight and ensure it finds its way into your heart. This is what the LORD commanded the Israelites (see Deut 6:8-9). Take time to personally meditate on the scripture references for the Word for the year (Psalm 84:11, 34:10, 103:5, 31:19 NIV, Isaiah 1:19). List the good things you want to see in your life this year. Don’t be timid about it. Be specific. If you are not specific about what you want to see, you will not know when your answer comes.

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