Senior Pastor

If you’ve ever wondered what Jesus would look like in this time and age, then you need not look far. Pastor K as he’s fondly called paints a vivid picture. A ‘crazy’ lover of God with a heart full of compassion for people, he preaches the truth in God’s Word with boldness and without any reservations.

With a vision to “raise a victorious people,” he has been on a mission to “school and train people through the word of faith into a life of 100% victory 100% of the time” for 25 years and still counting

Pastor Kingsley is not a man who just teaches, he lays emphasis on doing because that’s the only way to get results. He is a man of faith with numerous results to show for it and he constantly and consistently, with joy, teaches Bible-based principles so that people can live victoriously.

He plays tennis and football as a form of body exercise, watches movies when he can, rides a power bike because he loves to and travels round the world while still preaching the gospel on his trips

She is fondly called ‘Mama’ and the name is rightly placed as she is a mother to all, always seeking the best for her children (members of DCC and even beyond). Called to serve beside Pastor K, her best friend, mentor, Pastor and husband, Pastor M gives a heart that understands, ears that listen and a mind that offers guidance and counsel to all. A deep and true lover of God which is one of the many qualities that attracted Pastor K to her, Pastor M joyfully serves, giving her all to the ministry she’s been called to.

She is also the founder and convener of the JUST US GIRLS CONFERENCE which has attracted women in their thousands. It is a ministry centered on helping women maximize their full potentials and get them to a point where they can stand out in their various fields.

She has an immense love for drama and appreciates dance but what she truly enjoys is writing. This has birthed the popular justusgirlsnaija blog she shares her thoughts and feelings on various issues but above all, inspires.




Pastor K and Pastor M are passionate about relationships and marriages. They believe you can have the marriage of your dreams… you only have to work at it. To equip people with the knowledge they need, they run a Love, Dating & Marriage seminar every month and show it on TV every week. Lots of lives and homes have been blessed by this ministry. PK and PM are happily married and are blessed with children

What makes David’s Christian Centre so special is not just the awesome worship experience or the way the Word is taught with humor, simplicity, vibrancy and practicality. It’s also our core values, what we like to call the 4R’s of DCC that distinguish us and makes us so unique and outstanding